Local Contractor Outreach Meeting

MacArthur Transit Community Partners, LLC hosted an outreach meeting on April 27, 2011 at the Jack London Aquatic Center. The meeting provided interested contractors, suppliers and community based organizations with information about opportunities for participation regarding the mixed-use, multi-phase transit-oriented development, located at the MacArthur BART Station. Art May, Development Director for MacArthur Transit Community Partners provided an overview of the project, as well as details pertaining to the site location, demolition, site remediation and contractor selection processes.

David Bock, Project Manager for Howard S. Wright Construction, described the BART Garage project and bidding schedule. Subcontractors were required to pre-qualify for opportunities and they can contact Howard S. Wright Construction to obtain additional information. Scott Steven, President of Roberts Obayashi Corp, gave an overview of the affordable housing development project sponsored by BRIDGE Housing Corporation. Mr. Steven shared with the group that they would hold a subsequent outreach meeting to provide more specifics regarding housing construction contracting opportunities, bidding processes and project schedule before the bid date (mid-2013). The presentation was followed by a robust question and answer session where the project participation objectives were shared, as well as the intent to exceed the City of Oakland’s local contracting goals.