Construction of MacArthur Station will occur over the course of several years by multiple prime contractors. These contractors will provide bidding opportunities for subcontractors and material suppliers. The current list of prime contractors for Phase 1 (Infrastructure) and Phase 2 (New Affordable Housing Development) have been closed out with the exception of the BART Plaza renovation. Information regarding bidding opportunities and outreach meetings will be made available soon.

 Prime Contracted Phases

 Prime Contractor


 BART Plaza Improvements  ProVen  Expected completion in
 Spring 2019
 Market Rate Housing (Parcels A
 and C1)
 Build Group  Completed 2018
 Market Rate Housing (Parcel B)  Build Group  Expected completion
 mid 2020

Click on the links below for more information and contractor details: 

Local Contractor Outreach
BART Plaza Improvements
Market Rate Housing (Parcels A & C1)
Market Rate Housing (Parcel B)